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Appointment System

In order to give you the time you need, we prefer to see patients by appointment

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Telehealth - Phone and Video Consultations

We are happy to provide phone or video consultations to regular patients of the practice

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Recalls and Reminders

Part of our commitment to better health includes proactively addressing your health needs

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Access to Personal Health Information and Privacy Policy

Your information is private!

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House Calls

House calls are available if you are unable to attend the surgery due to a serious medical reason.

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Need assistance with communication? If you have difficulties with hearing or language, assistance with communication is available through the National Relay Service or the Phone Interpreters service. Please let our reception staff know if this is needed.

Phone Enquiries

Sometimes there will be a need to contact us by phone or email

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Urgent Clinically Significant Results

If your results are significantly abnormal or urgent, a doctor from this practice will contact you. Please make sure your contact details are up to date. You may also be able to discuss these results with your team by phone or video consultation

After Hours Care

What to do when the practice is not open

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Training of Students

We see training of the future health workforce is part of our responsibility

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CareMonitor : Remote Monitoring and Patient Partnership Application

Health care works best when there is a good team partnership. We use a Patient Provider Partnership Platform called CareMonitor to assist in health management

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