Mt Druitt Medical Centre
Privacy Policy

This pamphlet explains how personal information about you and your health is recorded and managed in our practice. We also have a written privacy policy describing how we manage personal information. You can receive a copy of our policy free of charge upon request or access it via our practice website.
Personal information
The ‘personal information’ we collect includes your name, date of birth, address/es, contact details, Medicare number, healthcare identifiers and health fund details. Medical information may include medical history and any care you may need. GPs need information about your past and present health in order to provide you with high-quality care.
Our practice follows the guidelines of the RACGP’s Handbook for the management of health information in general practice, 3rd edition (the Handbook). The Handbook incorporates federal and state privacy legislation, and the Australian Privacy Principles, which requires that your personal information is kept private and secure.
Your medical records
This practice takes steps to ensure that your medical records:
  • are accurate, complete, well-organised and legible
  • are up-to-date
  • contain enough information to allow another GP to care for you
  • contain a summary of your care
  • can be used to remind you, with your permission, to return for follow up, check-ups and reviews.
If you are uncertain why information is being requested, please ask your GP or the practice staff.
If you wish to remain anonymous while accessing healthcare services, please talk to the practice staff.
Providing your information to other GPs
In this practice, it is normal for all GPs to have access to your medical records. If you have any concerns about this please discuss them with your GP or practice staff.
It is important that other people involved in your care, such as medical specialists and other healthcare professionals, are informed of the relevant parts of your medical history, so they can provide the best care for you. Your GP will let you know when this is necessary.
Providing your information to others
GPs respect your right to decide how your personal information is used or shared. For example, this may be sharing your health information with specialist doctors. Personal information that identifies you will only be sent to other people with your consent, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Gaining your consent is the guiding principle used by this practice in using and sharing your information.
Our practice will not share your personal health information with anyone else or another organisation unless:
  • you have consented to this sharing, or
  • they are legally obliged to disclose the information, in which case your GP will first discuss with you the information that she or he is legally obliged to disclose, or
  • the information is necessary for you to obtain Medicare payments or other health insurance rebates, or
  • there is an overriding public health and safety interest in the release of the information.
In the above cases, only information necessary to meet the requirements will be provided. Your health information will not ordinarily be sent overseas unless:
  • you are informed and provide consent for this to occur, and
  • the overseas country receiving the information has privacy laws that are very similar to the Australian Privacy Principles.
Using health information for quality improvement and research
This practice may use patient health information to assist in improving the quality of care we give to all our patients, by reviewing the treatments used in the practice.
Your information held by the practice may be used in research projects to improve healthcare in the community; however, this information will not include data that can identify you.
The information used for research, including the publication of research results, will not be in a form that would allow you to be identified, unless the research serves an important public interest. In such cases, identifiable medical records can be used for medical research without your consent under guidelines issued by the Australian Government. Before providing such identified information, your GP will discuss with you the information that she or he is obliged to disclose.
Security of information in the practice
Australian privacy legislation applies to all personal health information recorded in electronic and paper records. All records must be kept secure to protect against unauthorised access. This practice complies with these requirements to protect your information.
Yes, you do require an appointment. A standard appointment is ten minutes but if you require more time with your doctor you can request a longer appointment.
If you require an urgent consult, please call and we can arrange an appointment with your doctor. 
We bulk bill Health care card holders , Pension card holders and children 16 years and under for consultations in the practice. Telehealth consultations will incur a gap fee.
For all other patients, please see below:

Type of consultTime in minsPrivate FeeGapMedicare Rebate
Prolonged16-20$66.40 to $71.40$25 to $30$41.40
Comprehensive31-40   $110.10$30$80.10
Comprehensive   40+$158.00$40$118.00

If you require a phone consultation with your doctor, or you need to talk to your doctor over the phone. Please either contact reception or book a telephone consultation online.
Our practice has policies in place for follow up of your results. A recall and reminder system is in place to ensure continuity of care. For further information, please discuss with your doctor or ask reception. 

When you book a telephone appointment , your doctor will call you at the time of the appointment or closest to the time as possible.
For a video appointment , you will receive a link to use at the time of your appointment. Please click on the link with a device that has a camera and speaker, follow the prompts and wait for the doctor to also log into the video.
Should you require a translator for your consultation, please advise reception , so they can arrange this service for yo. For further information please ask our friendly reception staff. 
We understand that your time is valuable and all doctors work hard to keep on time but there are times when doctors may run late due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances we encourage patients to phone and see how their doctor is running prior to coming in if waiting might be a problematic, or if you live close to the clinic and it may be more convenient to wait at home.