Vinita Deshpande
Clinical Pharmacist

Vinita Deshpande studied pharmacy at the University of Sydney and has been a pharmacist for 12 years and an accredited pharmacist for 5 years. Prior to becoming a pharmacist Vinita studied microbiology and biochemistry at the University of Sydney and worked in pathology for a number of years. She is accredited by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy to conduct medication reviews and has experience working in community, hospital and aged care pharmacy. Vinita is currently studying towards a Masters in Clinical Pharmacy and is also a member of the Mount Druitt Medical Practitioners Association. She has been working at Mt Druitt Medical Centre since 2016 as a clinical pharmacist. Her work at the practice involves assisting patients and doctors with all aspects of medication-related issues including post-hospital discharge, organising prescriptions, liaising with local pharmacies and conducting clinical governance exercises. More recently her role has included helping patients to use The Mount Druitt Medical Centre app called CareMonitor and enabling team-based continuity of care for patients with diabetes, COPD, asthma, ischaemic heart disease and heart failure.