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We will commence the 6th group for the Shared Medical Appointments (Facilitated group sessions) On weight management and diabetes risk reduction commencing Thursday 3rd February 2022 @ 7pm.

  • Date: 3/02/2022 07:00 PM - 14/04/2022 07:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


Hello everyone

We are excited to commence the 5th group for the shared medical appointments for weight loss and diabetes prevention journey with you.  Shared Medical Appointments are a proven way to improve health and help sustain lifestyle change, and are best thought of as an "interactive workshop", where you can get access to content experts, information as well as personalised advice.  The program consists of 6 sessions run over 12 weeks

13/2/22Understanding Pre-Diabetes
217/2/22Moving Muscles More - Aerobically
33/3/22Eating Differently
417/3/22Feeding the Mind
531/3/22Moving Muscles More - Against Resistance
614/4/22Managing Stress, Sleep and Other Risk Factors

This is a great opportunity to work with some of the world experts on healthy weigh in a tested and proven program which has been successful in multiple sites around the world.

So we can arrange the program packs and meal replacement supplements samples and to claim your place in this life changing program, can you please RSVP to me ASAP. And just a reminder, you do not have to be a patient of the practice to join the program, it is open to anyone interested.

For more information , have a look at our website

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Hope to see you all there.