covid-19 vaccination boosters covid-19 vaccination boosters 
Winter COVID-19 Boosters

ATAGI recommends an additional booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine to increase vaccine protection before winter for selected population groups (see Table 1) who are at greatest risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and who have received their primary vaccination and first booster dose. These groups are:
  • Adults aged 65 years and older
  • Residents of aged care or disability care facilities
  • People aged 16 years and older with severe immunocompromise (as defined in the  ATAGI statement on the use of a 3rd primary dose of COVID-19 vaccine in individuals who are severely immunocompromised)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and older.
The additional winter booster dose can be given from 4 months or longer after the person has received their first booster dose, or from 4 months after a confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection, if infection occurred since the person’s first COVID-19 booster dose.

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Booster Covid-19 Vaccinations

Who is eligible?
Fully vaccinated people aged 18 years and over, who received their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine 6 months or more ago, are eligible for a booster vaccination.

How will boosters be rolled out?

Booster vaccination will be offered to people based on the length of time since the second dose was received.
If your second dose was over 6 months ago, you should receive your booster shot as soon as possible.
While it's open to everyone over 18 years of age who has had two doses of their COVID-19 vaccine at least six months ago, people who are particularly recommended to receive a booster vaccination include:
  • People at greater risk of serious COVID-19 illness, including people aged 50 years and older, those with underlying medical conditions, residents of aged care and disability facilities, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults.
  • People at increased occupational risk of COVID-19.
How do I know when my last dose of my primary course of vaccination was?
You can check your immunisation record or COVID-19 vaccination certificate for the date of your second vaccination dose.

I'm immunocompromised and have had/am having a third dose of a COVID-19. Do I still need a booster?
Your third dose helps to build an immune response similar to people who are not immunosuppressed.
People who are immunocompromised and are recommended to receive a third primary dose of a COVID-19 vaccine are not yet recommended to have an additional booster dose. Further advice on boosters in this group will be provided by ATAGI soon.

Is the booster shot mandatory?
COVID-19 booster vaccines are not mandatory but are highly recommended to help maintain the best possible protection against the virus.
Booster shots will not be recorded on COVID-19 certificates or used for compliance checks; however, they will be recorded on your immunisation record

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